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G3 Ferrari, an Italian producer of small household appliances, belongs to Trevidea Group. With its diversified range of household appliances for preparing and cooking food, and for household and personal care, G3 Ferrari helps you enjoy living your day-to-day life practically and with style. With one eye on Italian culinary tradition and another on the rapid changes ushered in by modern lifestyles, G3 has designed products to meet every need.

Piccoli elettrodomestici italiani

The culmination of genuine Italian passion

Italians love to talk about cooking, even when they gather around the table at mealtimes. Food brings people closer together, it’s a common ground that unites us. Cooking and eating well have always been pivotal in our culture and our way of life. G3 Ferrari continues to support this passion today, just as it has always done.

Established as a small manufacturing company specialised in household items including irons, barbecues and grills, the brand originally founded by brothers Giuseppe, Giannetto and Giacinto in Bastiglia, in the province of Modena in northern Italy, produces household appliances that have become part and parcel of day-to-day life for countless Italian families.

Like the famous Delizia Pizza Oven and the Tigelliera, which draw on Italy’s great culinary tradition and its many local iterations, to create something innovative.

In the ’80s we specialised in the production of small cooking appliances, an area in which our extensive experience allows us to design increasingly specialised products for those who love to give free rein to their creativity in the kitchen.

Over the years we have expanded our production to include all kinds of small household appliances and today we offer a diversified range of products that meet every requirement, from the preparation and cooking of food, to household cleaning and personal care.

With the same passion that spurred us to create much-loved products like our pizza oven, today we select household appliances that make your life easier, in the kitchen and beyond.

Every new G3 Ferrari household appliance is designed around you and your love of life; everyday life with all its wonderful little habits, like light-hearted lunches with good company, the warm and welcoming atmosphere of home or a few hours of indulgent self-pampering.

With G3 Ferrari
everyone can enjoy quality

Practical and functional, our small household appliances make everything easier and quicker, so you can whip up mixes like a pastry chef, serve up an authentic Neapolitan pizza, iron laundry impeccably, make healthy, odour-free fries, and make fresh pasta just like a real Italian. You can do all this in the comfort of your own home, achieving perfect results. G3 Ferrari products make quality accessible to all, thanks also to affordable prices.

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Our commitment

"The popularity of our products in Italy and the rest of Europe is proof of the soundness of our objectives: to offer consumers a wide range of technically valid and reliable products, an image and styling that are quintessentially Italian, and an excellent combination of good quality, sophisticated design and affordable prices."

Safety, simplicity of use, quality materials. These are essential prerequisites for the development of useful, functional new household appliances. We put new products through an exacting series of development stages, carrying out stringent quality checks on every single batch. Because we want you and your family to be safe and satisfied. For us, quality is a commitment to our customers, and something on which we never compromise.