Stardust Smart

Rechargeable Portable Vacuum cleaner
COD. G90027

EAN 8056095878996

Versatile and always ready for use, the handy and cordless vacuum cleaner Stardust Smart is the solution for fast cleaning of tables, furniture, sofas, working surfaces, car interiors. Small but powerful, it has a suction power of 5 KPa thanks to the 11.1V and 2000 mAh battery and features an HEPA filter for deeper filtering action. The lithium battery gives an operating time up to 30 minutes and avoids loss of suction power even when the charge is low. The included accessories are: the nozzle for angles, the mini brush and the charge base with possibility of wall mounting.

  • Vacuum power > 5 kPa
  • Efficient DC motor
  • High Capacity Lithium Battery: 11.1V – 2000 mAh
  • 2 Power levels
  • Operating time up to 27 minutes, Charging time 4 hours
  • Capacity 220 ml
  • Noise < 75 dBa
  • HEPA filter (99.95% filtering)
  • Accessories: nozzle, nozzle with brush, adaptor with wall mount
  • Power supply: IN: AC 100-240V ~ 50-60 Hz - OUT: 14V – 0.5A
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