Irons and ironing systems


Suitable for many garments: wool, cotton, linen, nylon and silk.

Continous Re-filling sistem, Capacity: 1.2Lt


Tuttovapore is the ironing system for those looking for professional results. It allows two hours of non-stop ironing and thanks to its steam jet is also perfect for curtains and hanging garments.


It allows perfect and fast ironing thanks to the independent operation of iron and boiler

Maxi-Temp 2800

Agile, fast, and always ready to use! Maxi Temp 2800 is the steam iron for those who want to iron quickly with excellent results.


Compact and lightweight, Visir is the space-saving steam iron that allows you to iron easily thanks to its super-sliding stainless steel plate.


Ironing is a breeze with Califfo, the compact iron for perfect results on every fabric. Easy and convenient to use, it is ideal for those who want to save time and space.


Steam iron with ultra-sliding ceramic plate and self-cleaning system to maintain the appliance always clean and efficient.


Sliding on all types of fabric, Opera allows a fast and effortless ironing also thanks to the ability to adjust the steam according to each one's preferences.


Seicento is the iron with a retro look that gently and effectively irons all your garments thanks to its dry ironing capability which is suitable for any type of fabric.