Small appliances for cooking

Pizzeria Snack Napoletana

The real Neapolitan pizza ready in 5 minutes! The fragrance and unparalleled taste of pizza are enhanced with NEAPOLITAN Pizzeria Snack. Used with the single refractory stone, thanks to the high cooking temperatures reached (up to 400ºC) this


Forno pizza Delizia

Homemade pizza like in the best pizzerias! With the Forno Pizza Delizia  you will finally be able to cook the real Neapolitan pizza right at your home in just 5 minutes and still have fun experimenting with new and tasty recipes.

Refractory stone in natural cordierite 

For Pizza oven G3FERRARI DELIZIA, model G10006


Rostò Titanium

With the possibility of cooking even two courses at the same time in a short time and with a limited energy consumption, it becomes a valuable auxiliary appliance.

Easy to transport and useful in different situations both inside and outsid



Giving you the possibility of cooking even two courses at the same time in a short time and with a limited energy consumption, it becomes a valuable auxiliary appliance.

Il Moro

Cooking your favourite dishes in the Moro electric oven of G3 Ferrari will be fast and fun.


Fresh bread every day, homemade bread of all sizes and types. With Pagnotta and its 19 functions you can give free rein to your imagination.


How many things can you do with a microwave? With Sapormio almost everything you want thanks to the many accessories and functions, including the programmable timer for up to 30 minutes with automatic shutdown at the end of the cooking. With a who


Compact, easy to use and always able to guarantee the highest quality.



Microwave, grill, and combo: with three cooking functions Allblack is the ideal microwave oven for those looking for practicality and design i their kitchens. It bears a unique, essential, and elegant design with mirrored glass and silver knobs.</


4 cooking functions: microwave, grill, combination, defrost

Otello Grill


Capacity: 20 liters

Friggisano BBQ

Multi-function: Barbecue smokeless, Fryer, Oven, Dehydrator

Friggisano Duo

Everyone has their own tastes, but Friggisano Duo will make everyone happy. Here is the new two-zone air fryer, which fries two different dishes with less fat and allows you to serve them together hot and crispy.

Friggisano 22L

Multifunction Air Fryer Oven

Friggisano 22L is the evolution of the air fryer and allows you to prepare tasty and crispy fries with 80% less fat. The fast air circulation technology, combined with the high temperature (up

Friggisano EVO 13L

Fries without oil or fat, bakes and roasts

Multi-function: Fryer  Oven  Dehydrator  Rotisserie   Skewers

Friggisano 9L

Container with wide surface 27.5x25cm, to place more food without stacking it

High quality non-stick material, durable and BPA/PFOA safe

Friggisano 2.0

With this multifunction oven cook healthy without sacrificing flavour. Friggisano 2.0 is much more than an air fryer: it is also used for toasting, grating, baking and roasting.

Friggisano XXL

Delicious and healthy fried food, up to 80% less fat
Fries without the addition of oil or fat, bakes and roasts

Friggisano Visual

Delicious and healthy fried food, up to 80% less fat.

Fries without the addition of oil or fat, bakes and roasts.


Friggisano Show

Delicious and healthy fried food, up to 80% less fat

Fries without the addition of oil or fat, bakes and roasts

Friggisano EVO 15L

Fries without the addition of oil or fat, bakes and roasts

Friggisano 4.5

Delicious and healthy fried food, up to 80% less fat

Fries without the addition of oil or fat, bakes and roasts

Tigella Mia

The Emilian tradition enters your home with the Tigella Mia electric tiger with natural refractory stones. Are there many at the table? No problem, Tigella Mia cooks up to 15 tigels at the same time.

Sakuri’ SO

Perfect steamed rice in minutes with Sakurì SO, the rice cooker that allows you to prepare up to 10 cups of rice at a time.


Slow cooking is ideal to retain vitamins and nutrients from foodstuffs. With FuocoLento this cooking technique is now much easier.

Gratella XL

The electric smokeless grill for great barbecues, enabling your wish to grill all year round.


Tito is an electric barbecue with a resistance drowned in the grill, for a smoke and odor-free cooking. The perfect ally for barbecue lovers, all year round!

Galactic Grill

For a perfect barbecue even indoors, without open flames, here is the Galactic Grill electric barbecue with a non-stick porcelain tray for the collection of grease.


The electric grill, with no flames, for the whole family. With its thermal insulation frame, Giulietta is perfect to be taken to the table as well.

Lavica Inox

Healthy and natural cooking, without oils and fats

Stonelike & heat resistant non-stick plates

Lavica Black

Healthy and natural cooking, without oils and fats

Stonelike & heat resistant non-stick plates


Stonelike & heat resistant non-stick plates. Healthy and natural cooking, without oils and fats


Compact and powered by 1500 watts engine Ardòr is your everyday ally in the kitchen to cook meat, fish and vegetables, as well as toasts and sandwiches.


Those who are greedy for toast know it well: not every toaster is the same. Pressing toast with My Toast gives you a quick and evenly roasted toast on eiher side and the result is a simply delicious toast.



Cooks 4 sandwiches or 2 long bread slices in one time


Here is the true Toast Artist: you recognize him by the perfection with which he produces crispy toasts in a few minutes at a reduced consumption, but also by the sophisticated look that makes him perfect to furnish your kitchen with style.



A modern toaster in its style and functionality, Tramezzo has an essential stainless-steel design and two large slots for baking stuffed toast, but also for heating artisanal bread or donuts.


In a traditional design reworked with a modern key, Grantoast has everything you need to cook perfect stuffed toast in minutes with maximum practicality.



Perfect crepes in just two minutes, but way more than that! With the Profi-Crepe you can also prepare pancakes, flatbreads, tortillas or eggs and bacon. Approved by the greedy.


Dip the non-stick plate into the batter, turn it over and... Voilà! In a few seconds your craving for crepe will be satisfied with the creppe pan. Even easier to do than to say.


A line of induction cookers with elegant and modern lines, for efficient, fast and safe cooking.


Energy is the line of induction cookers that guarantees excellent cooking performance for any dish, safety of use and energy efficiency. Choose it to cook quickly and cheaply.



A two-plate electric cooker to cook whenever and wherever you want with maximum versatility. With 5 adjustment levels and two cast iron plates of different sizes, it allows you to cook indoors or outdoors with maximum practicality.

Caldone G10121

The essential electric hob for cooking where you want and taking up little space. A cast iron plate weighing only 2.5 Kg, enabling you to use your stove wherever you want, indoors or outdoors.


Electric hotplate

Fermento 4

Homemade yogurt: wellness and flavour every day! Choose the genuine flavor of homemade yogurt with the yogurt maker and have fun creating your favourite flavours.


Egg cooker


Spuma is the electric milk frother that allows you to heat milk or whip it as well as whipping cold drinks. Thanks to its special spout and convenient base you can serve your cappuccino directly on the table.




Enjoy your break with a great and intense coffee

Suitable to pods and coffee powder (1 or 2 cups)

Risveglio espresso

Wake up every morning with the great aroma of freshly brewed coffee. Risveglio Espresso is the programmable moka that makes you find your coffee ready at the time you want and keeps it warm for 30 minutes. And waking up becomes a pleasure!


Your day will look good right from the morning with the electric Moka Bonjour! A perfect coffee welcomes you when you wake up thanks to the heat maintenance function. All the aroma of moka coffee with the practicality of an electric plate.

Cafè de Lux

Enjoy the luxury of waking up to a good hot, steaming American coffee. Café de Lux keeps your coffee warm for 40 minutes and makes the whole family happy with its capacity for 12 cups.


Being home is pampering yourself by sipping a nice cup of steaming American coffee, with its intense aroma pervading the air. It takes little to prepare it with the American coffee machine Grancafè.

Cafè del Mar

Up to 6 cups of delicious and always hot American coffee

Special also for barley coffee, tea and infusions


Removable filter for tea and infusions


Montante is not a simple electric milk shaker but a true ally for the preparation of hot or cold drinks, from cold coffee to cocktails, cappuccino, hot chocolate, teas, and herbal teas.

Tisaniere pro

The perfect temperature for any type of tea and infusion


Tisaniere is the electric kettle with adjustable temperature designed for true lovers of herbal teas who want to reach the ideal temperature for any type of infusion or herbal tea in just a few moments


With an essential and vaguely vintage design, Rapido is not only a very fast kettle but also a piece of furniture for your kitchen, which reinterprets the appliances of yesteryear in a modern way.


Electric Kettle


  • Power: 1500W
  • 1.8 Lt Capacity
  • Stainless steel container
  • Overheating protection
  • Concealed heating element
  • Automatic shut-off button
  • Working light
  • Power supply: AC 220-240V&


Stainless steel body with an attractive design and functionality designed for safety and practicality of use, Idra is the 1.2 lt kettle with which you prepare your tea in less than three minutes.


Relax and enjoy the pleasure of a tea or herbal tea in total relaxation. With the Relax kettle it is easy; it takes less than three minutes to bring the water to boiling point.


Small dimension but big capacity: it is perfect for home and travel use